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Trillium propagation - A series of photos

Let's Start with Trillium ovatum in bloom and then progress through it's fruit maturing

As the bloom mature it sometimes turn this nice light pink. You can see the fruit swelling in the center of the flower.

Here is the fruit developed further almost ripe. Unlike many other Trillium the fruit is green.

Here is the fruit starting to open. The seeds have en attachment called an Elaiosome which attracts ants which help disperse the plant. (Myrmechochary) The elaiosome may be important to remove for propagation but I have found lightly cleaning the fruit off the seeds and sowing them quick works and they sprout after two winters. Some folks use Hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the elaiosome or at least weaken the attachment. I haven't done this but I intend to try it when I have seeds next summer.

After two winters the first leaves emerge.

Here is Trillium maturing to its true leaves after about 4 years.

Here is the fruit on a different Trillium. I believe it was T. vaseyi. I waited till the squishy fruit pulled off the plant with a light tug.

I'll try to share more prop experiences soon! Thanks.

Our soil mix: Part fine bark, part compost, part pumice. We use a cage over the flat for animals and simple expose the seed trays to the elements. Water throughout the summer.

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