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Zine 5 discussion

This is a place to discuss what you read and learnt from the latest issue.

Did you know that some plants like Fagus sylvatica Beech and Hedera helix Ivy have different juvenile growth to the mature growth, which can also be seen through the ribonucleic acid, specifically microRNA that is different within the plant. Jared Barnes wonders whether we can use this information to create an easy to use test to check the maturity of plants for propagation or even a synthetic form to control ageing of plants.

Do you think could work?

Would it be useful?

Did you know you could propagate from a fern frond base?

Will you now try it?

Had you heard of Chonosuke Sukawa or known of his many accomplishments in botanising?

What did you think of Timothy’s questioning of our naming of plants and subsequent relationship with them?

Do you feel a bit like you need to unlearn to appreciate all plants?

Please leave a comment below and we can discuss together!

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