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  • Roots and all podcast takeover

    We talk about our house plant graveyards, how to take basal cuttings and learn a lot from each other.

  • Climbing cuttings

    I’m taking Dactylicapnos ventii cuttings making sure I have three nodes on the cuttings, the bottom for three nodes but if it’s too long I didn’t bother but that then prevented me from being able to bury the cutting I used my little snips to take the cuttings as they are delicate and sharp to easily take out bottom half of the cuttings shoots and climbing tendrils.

  • Begonia leaf cuttings in ziplock bags

    I’ve just taken leaf cuttings of Begonias as I saw someone on instagram doing them already and thought Last year I did them in July, I cut across the leaf veins and left the leaf whole to place on compost I cut across the leaf veins put the whole leaf in the bag, mist, drain excess water and close up.

  • Root cuttings and grass single splits

    A demonstration on how to maximise propagation material from one stock plant with root cuttings and grass

  • Gardening in an Indian Summer

    Marigolds, Celosias, Zinnias, Basil, Coriander, Fennel, Chillies and Tomatoes are started from seed at I typically also re-start my Coleus from cuttings at this time, because they've grown too wild over the which translates to "Ever-blooming) from nursery-bought plug plants as well, as I find they're good for cutting

  • Air-Layering Basics

    You will be making your cuts above and below this pair of nodes. Above the upper node, make a clean, single shallow cut girdling the branch. Now join these two girdling cuts with a straight, shallow cut running along the length of the branch - being careful to not make this cut through either of the nodes. Finally, label it with the date, and the expected date of cutting.

  • Inducing offsets in Haworthias

    This is where you want to make your cut. Be patient, this is often the hardest step! base of the mother plant (still rooted in its original container) should produce offsets from near the cut

  • Layers

    Today Joe the gardener has cut back the Akebia quinata chocolate vine as it was taking over other stock

  • Roots & Radicles 3: biodiverse shopping trolleys, beautiful car parks and Beth

    paradigm, away from the tyranny of the ubiquitous strimmer (where 'maintenance' is equated to wantonly cutting thrive: The mulch is topped up 'at least once a year' - usually after getting a big 'winter weed' done, cutting herself was 'very fortunate early on to have such good gardening friends' to share ideas and indeed cuttings

  • Growth control

    decades of use in the UK gardens where you know exactly which to collect seed, which to take soft tip cuttings

  • Open Discussion: Does Cultivation Equal Conservation?

    for example, which was considered extinct till 1979, at which point a single tree was discovered and cuttings

  • Roots & Radicles 1: pumice prop, plant messiahs, surviving the blitz, and deck chairs at Kew...

    heartbreaking story of Temperate House Manager Dave Cooke getting out a deckchair to sit and watch the cutting

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