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  • A visual journey to Georgian Bay, Canada

    Some photos of the flora, fauna and fungi of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. More information about this richly diverse and beautiful area can be found at My favourite of these is Eriophorum virginicum, the tawny cottongrass, which in late summer to autumn dots the landscape with its fluffy seedheads. Georgian Bay is part of the Canadian Shield, a vast swathe of exposed granite bedrock. Plants, mosses, trees appear to magically emerge directly from the smooth lichen-bedecked rock. Mosses and their friends are not the only beauty. There are many flowering plants to be found. I hope to return when the irises are in bloom. Many kinds of berries abound, including wild blueberries and raspberries. Though delicious, we are not alone in enjoying them, as Georgian Bay is also home to black bears.

  • Open Discussion: Does Cultivation Equal Conservation?

    The second issue is ecological. In cultivation, both these ecological factors (the pollinator and the predator) are removed, and this Further, from an ecological standpoint greater diversity typically translates into greater resilience On the flip side, there are ecological positives to cultivation as well. cultivation could occupy the ecological niches left empty by now-extinct species.

  • Tiny seeds and how to grow them

    easily reaches heights of 25 metres. in the past, making the size of its seeds an evolutionary and ecological

  • Modern day plant hunting

    to their livelihoods or traditions and I am not introducing a vigorous plant that will damage local ecology

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