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  • Roots and all podcast takeover

    We talk about our house plant graveyards, how to take basal cuttings and learn a lot from each other.

  • Climbing cuttings

    I’m taking Dactylicapnos ventii cuttings making sure I have three nodes on the cuttings, the bottom for three nodes but if it’s too long I didn’t bother but that then prevented me from being able to bury the cutting I used my little snips to take the cuttings as they are delicate and sharp to easily take out bottom half of the cuttings shoots and climbing tendrils.

  • Begonia leaf cuttings in ziplock bags

    I’ve just taken leaf cuttings of Begonias as I saw someone on instagram doing them already and thought Last year I did them in July, I cut across the leaf veins and left the leaf whole to place on compost I cut across the leaf veins put the whole leaf in the bag, mist, drain excess water and close up.

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